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A Silver Lining to the Global Economy: International Mail Shipping

A Silver Lining to the Global Economy: International Mail ShippingWe are all too aware of the problems with the Global economy, we have all heard of the drop of oil prices and the negative effect this has had on the Oil and Gas industry and the economy as a whole. One arguably positive effect of at times record low prices at the pumps is it is forever cheaper to fill the tank and transport goods. This has several knock on effects which do give a ray of light. One effect is that due to the drop in shipping costs by the major providers our founder, US Global Mail, has been able to further reduce the rates it offers their customers for International Mail Forwarding services.

US Global Mail cut international shipping rates for customers by 10-25% across various services. After a 10-15% cut last year on most FedEx and UPS International services, their most recent drop in shipping prices comes with a 20% discount on DHL and a 25% discount on what customers previously paid for USPS international shipments.

“We are able to offer these discounts to our customers and absorb rate hikes from shippers to us, due to the robust growth we saw in 2015. We continue to offer the most value and best international shipping rates for mail and package forwarding from the US for customers,” said Tashi Nibber, Managing Director of US Global Mail.

US Global Mail offers a ‘you-pay-what-you-see’ shipping rates and charges for its mail and package forwarding service. Their customer service-oriented approach focuses on consumer wants and needs, which includes providing low shipping rates without hidden and deceptive charges or quotas on how much mail a person can receive, free letter storage and free junk mail discard, among other features. “We know our competitors try to fool people by showing them attractive pricing first and tacking on a whole bunch of charges like storage fees, special handling fees, surcharges etc. While this might work in the short run but as evidenced by the number of mail forwarding companies that close doors within a couple of years of operations, such gimmicks cannot be sustained long term. At US Global Mail, our core values are honesty, integrity and delighting our customers with the best customer service possible. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and winning the Pinnacle Award in 2015 is a testament to that fact,” stated Randip Singh, the Chief Executive Officer at US Global Mail.

US Global Mail also offers additional savings for their customers by offering FedEx and UPS envelopes at flat discounted rates that can be used to ship a whole month’s worth of mail in most cases.

US Global Mail (USGM) is an industry leader in providing mail and package forwarding services to Expats and Global Companies via a technologically advanced platform (Virtual Mailbox). This allows expats to “see” their mail and keep an emotional connection to home. The company serves individual expats from Fortune 500 companies, Overseas Retirees, RV’ers, Frequent Travelers, International Shoppers and Global Nomads access their US mail and packages easily and keep their slice of home via mail and shopping while abroad.

US Global Mail is finding growth in markets where companies are cutting costs with their internal programs like expat mail handling. More companies are conscious of cost cutting measures and are finding that US Global Mail provides a critical component to making life easier for expats settling into a new country. There’s more to it than just mail forwarding, it’s helping the global citizens ease into their new lifestyle while maintaining some of their joys from home through international shopping.

US Global Mail is a member of Worldwide ERC, FEM, HRP and has an A+ rating with the BBB. For additional information and services, visit .

By Tashi Nibber, US Global Mail

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