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Immigration Priorities in 2016

March is normally a big month for planning in the immigration law sector. Ordinarily the Home Office introduces new laws on the …

by Ian Robinson, Fragomen

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Meaningful Engagements
Across Difference

International Schools to Transnational Organisations If I was to ask you to think of phrases that we associate with cultural difference, it …

by Dr. Sophie Cranston, Loughborough University

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Nowhere to hide –
right to rent checks

and the creation inhospitable environment for (illegal) migrants In 2014 it was decided that the best way to deal with illegal migration …

by Val Gascoyne, Fragomen

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Migration and the Veil of Ignorance

Fifteen years ago I wrote a university dissertation on the social contract, looking at how the works of a number of writers …

by Ian Robinson, Fragomen LLP

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UK Migration:
are you thinking what I’m thinking?

In a short few months since the general election we’ve seen a real step change in the way the Conservative leadership are …

by Ian Robinson - Fragomen

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Talent Management: Changing
International Assignments?

Looking at place, we can see two models of international assignments—the traditional expatriate and the talented employee; The traditional expatriate sees being …

by Dr Sophie Cranston

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Is the term ‘expatriate’ appropriate to
describe our contemporary global

In the 21st Century, it is time to change our terminology when talking about global work patterns. As organisations become increasingly globalised, …

by Dr Sophie Cranston

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